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Explore the Benefits of Jaguar CPO

If you want to experience incredible comfort, luxury and sophistication, slide behind the wheel of a Jaguar. These luxurious vehicles are more accessible than ever before thanks to our impressive inventory of used and Certified Pre-Owned Jaguar models. You can slide into a like-new Jaguar at a used price when you shop our selection of CPO Jaguar vehicles. Buy or lease a Jaguar today at our Jaguar dealership near Andover, KS.

Why Should I Buy a Certified Pre-Owned Jaguar?

For years, Jaguar has excelled at offering top-tier Certified Pre-Owned luxury cars. The Jaguar Approved Certified Pre-Owned program includes a comprehensive inspection and approval process. This ensures that the CPO Jaguar you purchase has been held to the highest standards and will continue to perform well for years to come.

From the engine to the taillights, the CPO Jaguar you're interested in had to go through a 165-point inspection before it could be considered for the Certified Pre-Owned program. You can rest easy knowing that every facet of your vehicle is in optimum condition -- from the powertrain to the electrical system. Jaguar technicians perform a final road test to ensure everything is operating as it should, and then a final inspection is conducted.

Once the Jaguar has earned the badge of Certified Pre-Owned, it comes with a variety of different perks. A full vehicle history report is offered with the Jaguar so you know exactly when the last oil change was, and what kind of repairs (if any) have been made. Many of these models have low mileage, which means minimal wear and tear. If a repair is needed, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the factory warranty, which is fully transferable if you choose to sell your Certified Pre-Owned Jaguar. If you need roadside assistance, Jaguar offers that as well -- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the duration of the warranty. When you stop by our dealership you can get a closer look at all of the different benefits you can enjoy when you buy a CPO Jaguar.

So what are you waiting for? Visit Jaguar Wichita to buy or lease a Certified Pre-Owned Jaguar today!

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