Brakes: Your Car’s Most Important Safety Feature

Your brakes are the most important safety system in your vehicle. Brakes give you the ability to slow down or stop in an instant and can help you avoid a serious accident. Brakes that aren’t well maintained and regularly inspected can let you down when you need them most. Our team here at Jaguar Wichita put the safety of our customers before anything and our Master-trained technicians are ready to assist you with your luxury vehicle’s braking system.

How do I know my brakes need replacement?

You hear a squealing or clicking noise

Bringing the car to a stop takes more time than it used to

Your car pulls to one side when braking

The brake pedal vibrates when pressed

What Is Included In A Jaguar Brake Service?

In most cases, the component of your brakes that will need replacement is the pads. These endure the most wear during your daily commute, however there are other components that may need replacement as well. Brake rotors, which are what the brake pads will compress against in order to slow your vehicle down, need replacement eventually. Brake fluid also will need to be replaced at some point, since it collects debris over time and will become less effective after doing so.

Why Jaguar Wichita?

Whether you’re looking for a diagnostic on your Jaguar XF or to air up the tires on your F-PACE, Jaguar Wichita is here to assist.

Oil changes, tire rotations, brake changes and more are handled at your trusted local Jaguar Service Center, with service completed by Master-trained technicians with a passion for Jaguar. We understand the value of your vehicle and the service that keeps it running like new: No matter your concerns, reach out to Jaguar Wichita to ensure your XK, XE, E-PACE, or any other Jaguar model is kept in prime condition.

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