The EV XJ and J-PACE

July 31st, 2019 by

After Jaguar’s release of the I-PACE, they’ve been making huge strides in the electric field, to the point where they are even receiving grants to redesign their factories and implement new electric models. And with this electrification comes the next redesign for Jaguar, as well as a brand new model in their lineup: The XJ and J-PACE.

Not many details have been showcased for either vehicle, but we have a few details, starting with the XJ. We know the XJ in its current iteration will be ending production at the end of this month, and the electric powertrain version of the XJ should be expected for model year 2021 (which means mid to late 2020 on sale most likely). However, after the release of the electric model, internal combustion models will be produced and available as well, so no matter what you prefer there will be options.

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The best part though about is that the 10 year old XJ is finally getting a true refresh, and the concept images (courtesy of have dreamed of by combining the XJ and I-PACE look absolutely amazing. A sleeker, more dynamic front end combined with a slimmer body and sharper tail end create a vehicle that looks much more agile than one would presume from size.

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Meanwhile, the J-PACE was also announced, again with few details. Although rumored for many years now, the final confirmation showcases an SUV larger than the F-PACE, one of the most popular Jaguar models available, and roughly comparable with the BMW X5 and Porsche Cayenne. Rumor has it that we can expect the J-PACE to also launch sometime by 2021, so keep your eyes peeled for more news!

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