Jaguar 3D Heads Up Display

August 30th, 2019 by

Jaguar-Land Rover have been known for innovation, from a small-production electric Jaguar motorcycle to multiple variants of Land Rover vehicles for a wide variety of needs such as Red Cross, and even the rare Jaguar C-X75 shown in the James Bond movie Spectre. Yet now they’ve set their sights on improving how drivers view the road, with an all-new 3D heads-up display system.

Part of Jaguar-Land Rover’s new Smart Cabin system, this system would utilize the heads-up display many drivers are used to utilizing when receiving calls or checking speed, and take it up a notch. By taking advantage of augmented reality, which is mainly used in video games in today’s technology such as Pokemon Go, Jaguar-Land Rover would project directions, road hazards, and more onto the road. In reality, all of this information would just show up on the screen of the vehicle in front of the driver.

Jaguar Land Rover developing 3D head-up display Image #1009264

This technology would be fairly revolutionary for vehicle safety, as not only would this work in conjunction with safety features such as automatic braking, but would mean driver’s eyes never leave the road while using GPS; even better, if visibility is poor, the vehicle can help to identify any obstructions or hazards in the road, such as during a heavy rainstorm that may have knocked large branches into the street.

A secondary use to this technology includes the ability to provide passengers with entertainment in the form of 3D movies. Because the Smart Cabin system can use in-vehicle cameras to track the eyes of passengers, the vehicle can ensure only passengers have a viewable perspective of the movie AND create depth to showcase 3D movies without any extra peripherals.

Let us know how you’d feel about your vehicle being able to project information onto the road for you!

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