Unwrap a Jaguar this Holiday!

December 18th, 2018 by

Jaguar has always had some innovative advertising, from their old villains’ series, which captured the essences of the evil British mastermind in Jaguar form, to setting the Guinness World Record for longest barrel roll in a vehicle ever (performed in the Jaguar E-PACE, see it below.) Yet, this holiday season, they’ve gone to even farther extents with their Unwrap a Jaguar promotional. Partnering with HGTV’s own, Emmy nominated Jonathan Scott of Property Brothers fame, Jonathan has been brought on to bring the Christmas Spirit to Jaguar design.

Instead of Jonathan designing a vehicle, or his usual, a house, instead Jaguar and Jonathan have worked together to decorate a double decker bus with a window display housing a Jaguar E-PACE, ready to be unwrapped! This awesome holiday display is rolling through Manhattan up to the 24th of December, Jaguar was looking for a way to bring a “sense of celebration and excitement in the city,” per Stuart Schorr, vice president of communications at Jaguar Land Rover. Even during the reveal of this double decker E-PACE display, Jonathan Scott was tearing off wrapping paper from the Plexiglass display of the double decker itself to show off the window of the vehicle.

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But what brought this design to be? Why did Jonathan think that designs a window display to celebrate the holidays would be such a perfect fit for him? Well, according to Scott, “If someone was just outside of our window and looking in during the holidays, that warmth they would see within our home is what I wanted to capture.” The wintery scene captured within the double decker shows off a vision of snow covered ground and fairy lights, ornaments abound and holly, berries, and garland galore. Within one end of the display was even a fireplace façade, to invoke more warmth within this Christmas Eve scene.

This whole scene brought together by Jonathan Scott was influenced by his “fondest memories,” a “snapshot of his childhood.” Jaguar and Jonathan Scott were excited to capture these moments for the holiday season, and the give you the chance to unwrap your own Jaguar. Let us know what your fondest moments are, and follow the link to enter for your chance to win a Jaguar!

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